Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Tutorial

Tutorial References

This tutorial was probably the best existing one I found dealing with AI paths. It proved extremely helpful in starting me down the road towards being able to create interactions between AI and proximity triggers.


Tutorial Brief

I have decided to focus my tutorial on how to make AI characters within Sandbox 2 activate events through proximity triggers. The tutorial will therefore show how to set up a character to move along a designated path, how to set a proximity trigger to activate an event, and how to get the AI and trigger to recognise each other. These methods are not particularly difficult (basically at a beginner's level), but are essential, as once they are mastered they open up doors to so much more in Sandbox 2. With these skills learned, one is transformed from the casual Sandbox user to someone who can actually begin to create some seriously interesting and entertaining game features. Therefore this tutorial will definitely elevate a viewer's understanding beyond the typical user.

I have chosen this topic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, these techniques proved invaluable to me during experiment 2, and what I achieved in my porosity lens can be largely attributed to them. I was surprised at the ease with which some very interesting events could be created with just a small bit of fundamental knowledge, and therefore I think it is appropriate to produce a clear, easy to follow tutorial outlining this information. My second reason builds out of the first - the fact that there are surprisingly few good tutorials on these subjects out there, and in the case of how to set the proximity trigger to respond to an AI character, there is absolutely nothing. While researching for experiment 2, I searched long and hard for a solution to this problem only to come up with nothing. I eventually worked out how to do it, and it's really very simple, but I feel the need to put the information out there in order to save other people the time it took me to figure it out.

Final Porosity Lens Video

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