Sunday, August 29, 2010

Filefront Files

To move platforms:
Start platform 1: "p"
Start platform 2: "o"

Sketchup Model

Final Machinima

Marking Schedules

Mode For Final Machinima

For my final submission, I will predominantly be using the observational mode of documentary. I am performing an experiment, and to achieve an accurate and plausible outcome, my documentary must remain objective. Therefore, there will be no interaction between myself and the events captured and limited narration, simply raw footage and some appropriate music. This will allow the events captured to speak for themelves, and while I will comment on the success or failure of the experiment in my opinion, viewers will be able to form their own conclusions. Furthermore, the observational mode will allow my clip to focus on visual impact, rather than other elements such as argumentative logic and poetical manipulation which, for the purposes of my machinima, are unnecessary.

Sony Vegas Trial - Observational Mode

Here is a rough video linking together a shot of my moving platforms and ramps, with a shot of one of my explosions. Through this clip I became more familiar with some of Vegas's features, such as transitions, soundtracks, speed settings and reverse. Apologies for the hud features that remain in this clip, they will be gone in my final submission.
This clip to me features predominantly elements of the observational mode of documentary. There is no interaction between film-maker and environment, with the camera remaining unobtrusive and unbiased, and simply letting events unfold.

Final Ramps/Platforms

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Explosion Trial 2

Here I have used the same three walls, and the same barrels, but have spaced the barrels further apart. Comparing this to trial 1, you can see there is a marked decrease in the force generated by the explosion, with the green wall this time remaining in tact.

Explosion Trial 1

Here I have three walls set up, and have grouped explosive barrels tightly together. I have slowed time for added effect.

Experimenting With Explosions - My Method

As stated in my hypothesis, I am seeking to prove that the lower the porosity of a group of objects, the more force they will generate if blown up. To test this theory, I will detonate groups of objects, where the objects within each group are spaced at differing intervals from eachother. So in one detonation, the objects will be tightly clustered together, and in successive detonations, they will be spaced wider and wider apart.
To test the force generated by each explosion, I will set up colour coded walls of cubes at measured intervals along the edge of the train station. The stronger the blast, the more walls will be knocked over.

Development of Ramps and Platforms

Trackview Test

Rope Test

It's wakeboarding, but behind a truck...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Test Model With Ramps/Platforms


The closer together a group of objects is spaced, the lower the porosity of this group of objects. Conversely, if a group of objects is more spaced out, their porosity as a whole has increased. Taking this statement to be true, if these objects were interacted on by an explosion, the force of the explosion would be greater in the group with a lower level of porosity.